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Technology is making working from home easier than ever before. With the rapid expansion of business IT tools, we’re now able to work faster, more collaboratively, and more productively without being strapped into the office. Knowing these capabilities, we’re seeing a huge shift towards businesses adopting remote workforces, including allowing employees to work from their own devices (not their workplace desktops). This is also known as ‘bring your own device’ or BYOD systems and will only become more prevalent in businesses over time.

Understandably, business owners like yourself have many concerns around migrating your business operations to work from home arrangements. Whether it’s fears around IT Security, the time it would take to setup, how many resources are required, and the costs behind creating remote work solutions, we’ll have assuring solutions and answers for all. 

At Simple Biz, our expertise in creating ‘work from home’ business solutions extends far beyond any other traditional IT service provider. We innovate solutions based on long-term trajectories of your business, ensuring your remote workforce doesn’t encounter problems 6 months, 12 months to even several years down the line.

  • 100% Up-time Guarantee
  • Fully Customisable Desktops
  • Securely Hosted in Australia
  • Work from any Device
  • Premium End User Experience
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Powered by Nutanix
  • Support Office 365
  • On-site and/or Remote IT Support (we're literally a phone call away)

  • Same Day onsite for critical issues if you call before 10 am

  • 24/7 Monitoring (no more unexpected downtime, we know about problems before they happen)

  • Updates and servicing of all computers (ensuring your business is running at peak capacity)

  • Platform agnostic (we work with Macs and PCs, as well as tablets and smartphones)

  • Anti-Virus & Anti-malware protection (virus, malware, ransomware and cyber security protection)

  • Secure portal for all documentation & password management (no more trying to “find that person that knows all the details")

Work From Home Using Cloud Services

Our cloud based services include cloud migration, management, and ongoing support all in one. Once we set up your cloud server, your employees will be able to work from home on their own devices while still being able to access a range of applications and files stored on their workplace desktop - otherwise known as ‘desktop as a service’ or DAAS. Your employees will be granted a login and gain access to your remote server - allowing you to resume your workflow whenever you’re ready. 

From a financial standpoint, another benefit of DAAS and cloud desktop services is that it significantly reduces your upfront costs. By switching to our cloud services, there is no need for you to buy a costly server, we’ll;

  • provide you the latest & fastest technology on our cloud infrastructure
  • take care of and maintain your environment
  • secure your data and connections
  • offer ongoing support that could save you thousands over the long term. 

Above all, our cloud desktop services are made for flexibility and scalability. As your business grows, so will your IT infrastructure. With traditional on-site servers, there’s a clear ceiling that every business is bound to hit, and the only way that your business can keep growing is by investing in even more expensive servers, hardware and other equipment. At Simple Biz, you can avoid all these costs easily. Our dedicated remote working solutions for employers ensure your employees are happy working from home or anywhere in the world, which will have your business needs taken care of at all times.

"I don't even know what happened, I just know that it started working pretty much overnight. ... If I had to turn back the clock I would say that: just get a good, secure platform to begin with so then you don't have to deal with curveballs."  - Andrew - Ray White Southbank

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How Cloud Services Help Avoid ‘Working From Home’ Business Challenges

At Simple Biz, our cloud based remote workforce solutions are created based on the most pressing challenges employers face when making the switch to work from home business solutions. We align our thinking with yours so we can innovate and deliver IT solutions you’ll love. Whatever you’re concerned about regarding your transition to working from home for your business, we’re your trusted IT partners who can help. 

The following are a few of the most common challenges businesses owners, like you, face when managing a remote workforce with employees working from home:

Ensuring Sufficient Speed
Employees working from home using on-site servers often experience slow speeds, crashes, among other problems that understandably cause a lot of frustration. These are usually related to poor internet speeds in your office - creating a bottleneck that hinders productivity and performance. Upgrading your internet can be costly and even if done can still be a single point of failure. One internet outage and your whole team working from home can't work.

At Simple Biz, our cloud based remote servers have multiple redundant internet links that operate at speeds up to 1 Gigabytes per second. This is 20 x faster than most office internet connections with 99.99% up-time.

Insufficient Performance
Connecting to on-site servers whilst working from home generally translates into a painstaking and unstable experience. IT's not uncommon to experience crashes and server timeouts which results in corrupted data. The fact of the matter is, on-site servers simply aren’t able to handle many of your employees connecting at once.

At Simple Biz, our cloud based remote servers are enterprise grade, meaning it can provide high performance on some of the fastest hardware that money can buy - with most businesses only using around 10% of that capacity at maximum. Tech giants such as Facebook and Google use the same type of cloud server technology we use to scale their companies without outages, so you know you’re in good hands.

Back Ups
When the unexpected happens, you’ll want confidence that your business is protected by a reliable backup system that can have you recovered in minimal time. At Simple Biz, our cloud based work from home solutions carry out back ups daily, conducting everyday checks to ensure your business data is always on hand when needed. 

Security Concerns 
Security is always at the forefront of business concerns, especially in work from home arrangements. At Simple Biz, our cloud based remote servers allow you to restrict varying levels of access to all of your employees working from home. We guide you through how you can easily block off or change access settings for certain remote employees should you ever encounter a situation that requires it. 

Version Problems
Running several applications on different versions are inevitable causes for error. With Simple Biz’s remote servers, we put in controls that standardise all applications to the same versions. 

Having Adequate Storage
Physical on-site servers require you to buy more storage every time you reach your maximum capacity. On the other hand, having adequate storage and memory are never a problem with cloud servers. As your business grows, so will your cloud server capacity. 

Running Custom Applications 
Compared to on-site servers, our cloud based desktop management services offer faster speeds of processing and efficiency. This means you and your remote employees will be able to run and share custom applications without experiencing delay or issues. No more waiting for that slow database to display a report!

Maintaining and Purchasing Hardware 
If there is ever a situation where your business’ on-site server, hardware, and other computers were damaged or needed replacing, this would halt productivity for all your employees working from home. By switching to cloud remote desktop solutions, you’ll be provided with the virtual server, while we take care of all the maintenance.


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Setting Up Work From Home Solutions With Simple Biz

At Simple Biz, we help you set up a thriving, productive, and secure remote workforce using our high performance cloud services. Building a remote workforce doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult to manage. We have hundreds of people using our cloud servers every day. Simple Biz are your IT partners who you can rely on for smooth and streamlined operations for your employees to easily work from home.

One of the most common questions we get asked about switching to cloud is how long the process will take - or how hard the transition to cloud is. While this all depends on your business, most of our cloud server setups are a smooth and streamlined approach. Once up and running, you and your employees working from home will instantly experience a new level of ease and productivity. To find out how your business can be transformed using cloud work from home solutions, talk to our team of IT professionals at Simple Biz.

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