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IT For Accounting Firms

It’s crucial for accounting firms to stay abreast of new and developing technologies that allow for faster, more accurate, and more productive accounting processes for their clients. 

Given the complexities surrounding IT for accounting firms, it’s more important than ever for accounting professionals to have tailored IT solutions fit for their unique needs.

This is where Simple Biz can help. Simple Biz aligns the latest technologies with individual business objectives, allowing professional accounting firms like yours to perform at its peak.

Simple Biz supports the following Accounting software

  • Practice Ignition
  • Practice Manager
  • Core
  • Sage
  • Xero Practice Manager
  • Sage HandiSoft
  • Jetpack Workflow
  • Accountancy Manager
  • Karbon
  • Attache`
  • On-site and/or Remote IT Support (we're literally a phone call away)

  • Same Day onsite for urgent issues if you call before 10 am

  • 24/7 Monitoring (no more unexpected downtime, we know about problems before they happen)

  • Updates and servicing of all computers (ensuring your business is running at peak capacity)

  • Platform agnostic (we work with Macs and PCs, as well as tablets and smartphones)

  • Anti-Virus & Anti-malware protection (virus, malware, ransomware and cyber security protection)

  • Secure portal for all documentation & password management (no more trying to “find that person that knows all the details")

Technology and Accounting

Technology has made strides in streamlining repetitive and often time consuming processes in the Accounting industry, from using software to simplify recording invoices, to producing faster, more accurate and timely financial reports.

However, if your accounting firm isn’t set up with the proper IT infrastructure, there are substantial, negative impacts on your business performance - ranging from frustratingly long periods of downtime to even experiencing a halt in productivity entirely. 

Having your accounting firm run at its best goes hand in hand with tailored IT solutions, from none other than the leading IT experts at Simple Biz. Our experienced team ensures your IT accounting processes are smooth, enabling, and supportive for all your staff.

"I don't even know what happened, I just know that it started working pretty much overnight. ... If I had to turn back the clock I would say that: just get a good, secure platform to begin with so then you don't have to deal with curveballs."  - Andrew - Ray White Southbank

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How To Avoid IT Challenges In The Accounting Industry

At Simple Biz, we discover and identify new ways to enhance your IT system for your accounting business - boosting efficiency and productivity for all your staff. In saying that, we’ve outlined some of the biggest opportunities the accounting industry faces with technology today.

1. IT Security
Since accounting firms hold a vast amount of sensitive financial information, it’s unsurprising that they’re prime targets for cyber attacks. This puts security as one of the top priorities for accounting firms to focus on when running their business.

2. Disaster Prevention
Accounting firms seek preventative measures to avoid IT problems in the first place. Many other IT providers only react to the issue when it’s too late and the damage is already done. At Simple Biz, we minimise your risk for preventable cyber attacks with robust disaster prevention plans, so you’ll rest easy with peace of mind.

3. IT Stability
One of the most common challenges we see is when accounting firms run different versions of accounting software, causing all sorts of issues with performance. With strict deadlines to work with, the last thing professional accountants want to deal with is slow or unstable computer systems that crash or freeze.

4. Speed of IT systems
Accounting firms require software and IT systems that streamline and fasten their accounting processes, which allows valuable amounts of time and money to be saved in the long term. 

5. Lost billing 

Accountants need to be constantly on top of billings, receipts, invoices, and other details of cash flow. Lost billings add to the chaos and make for many difficult situations on top of tight deadlines.

6. Working Remotely
Accountants can work flexibly thanks to the improvements in IT accounting technologies over the years, whether it’s working from home, office, client business location or anywhere else. This means accountants need reliable access to their accounting data from your computer systems anytime anywhere without issues.

7. Compliance
Keeping compliant with frequent changes to accounting laws, standards, and regulations is a challenge for many professional accountants. Poorly set up IT infrastructure causes this to be even more difficult than it needs to be. IT should enhance your accounting firm’s processes - not hinder it.

8. Reducing Downtime
Among the most frustrating challenges that accountants face from inefficient IT systems is dealing with downtime. Deadlines aren’t delayed because of internal issues, which makes it all the more stressful for accountants to do their job efficiently with IT-induced downtime. 


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How Simple Biz Can Help

At Simple Biz, we take the time to deeply understand the range of challenges you face in the accounting industry and what exactly success means for your firm. We’re all about fostering long term partnerships with you by providing ongoing support, ensuring you're readily informed of our IT solutions and processes, as well as always being available for when you need us. 

Simple Biz are experienced in the following accounting software:

  • Practice Ignition
  • Practice Manager
  • Core
  • Sage
  • Xero Practice Manager
  • Sage HandiSoft
  • Jetpack Workflow
  • Accountancy Manager
  • Karbon
  • Attache`

We’ll also assign you a dedicated account manager who will get in touch to gain an in-depth understanding of your firm’s business processes, goals, and objectives. Your account manager will oversee and be responsible in preventing IT issues wherever possible, and being the first point of contact for whenever problems arise. So, you’ll rest easy knowing that your accounting firm’s IT infrastructure is always supported and optimised to run at its very best.

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