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IT For Architecture Firms

The Architecture industry is known for tight deadlines and long working hours, using among the most technologically demanding software to deliver their projects. For architects, every minute and second counts. Lagging software, slow technology, lost work, as well as miscommunication are all common issues within many Architecture firms. 

At Simple Biz, we develop bespoke IT solutions that allow busy Architects like yourself to focus on what you do best. We do this by designing solutions around your needs, allowing us to deeply understand what you want out of your IT systems and ensuring your architecture firm performs at its absolute best.

Below are some of the Architecture software Simple Biz supports:

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  • On-site and/or Remote IT Support (we're literally a phone call away)

  • Same Day onsite for critical issues if you call before 10 am

  • 24/7 Monitoring (no more unexpected downtime, we know about problems before they happen)

  • Updates and servicing of all computers (ensuring your business is running at peak capacity)

  • Platform agnostic (we work with Macs and PCs, as well as tablets and smartphones)

  • Anti-Virus & Anti-malware protection (virus, malware, ransomware and cyber security protection)

  • Secure portal for all documentation & password management (no more trying to “find that person that knows all the details")

Technology and Architecture Firms

Improved technologies have allowed for more user-friendly, flexible, and versatile software for architects and designers. Despite this, the needs of architecture firms are growing and require constant adaptation to the fast paced digital landscape we have today. Architecture firms are heavily reliant on high performance IT hardware to allow for optimal productivity and performance. 

With flexible working arrangements becoming more common the importance now for many leading architecture firms is ensuring that not only are technologies kept up to date and properly maintained, but they are enabled to not inhibit business growth. At Simple Biz, we tailor business IT solutions that look at your architect firm’s long term growth and we continually refine processes to cut down on unnecessary wasted time and resources. Our team has the cutting edge expertise and knowledge to deliver you IT solutions that match your Architecture and design needs.

"I don't even know what happened, I just know that it started working pretty much overnight. ... If I had to turn back the clock I would say that: just get a good, secure platform to begin with so then you don't have to deal with curveballs."  - Andrew - Ray White Southbank

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How To Avoid IT Challenges In The Architecture Industry

Some of the most common IT issues that architects face in their day to day work are avoidable. At Simple Biz, we’ve worked with a range of businesses within the architecture industry and have identified common IT challenges that can be resolved through our proven IT solutions.

1. Multiple Software Program Management
Many architecture firms need robust and highly capable IT systems that can support managing multiple CAD software at once. At Simple Biz, we set up your IT infrastructure so you and your employees can work smoothly without interruption.

2. Remote Work Solutions That Enable Quick Access Anytime, Anywhere
Remote work solutions offer incredible benefits to better productivity and efficiency in communication, however it is sometimes difficult to work remotely, this can be because of many factors, such as large files, and high resolution rendering. Without the right technology it can be very difficult to work remotely. The good news is, there is cutting edge technology that can empower your Architect firm to work remotely from an everyday laptop or device, yet still render in full resolution whilst the rest of your team work on the same file. Our IT specialists at Simple Biz provide a way that you and your employees can work flexibly without any worries or concerns about performance. 

3. Large File Management
Architects constantly work on large files across all their projects, so they need adequate IT technologies to support this. Simple Biz’ IT solutions facilitate large file whilst maintaining high performance so that you’re getting the most productivity out of your IT system. 

4. Reliable Back Ups
With overwhelmingly large amounts of data used in Architecture firms, back ups are an essential to the Architecture industry. But not all back ups are made the same - or efficient. In fact more often than not, most architects firms don't even know if there backups are successful each day, sadly by the time they need to be restored its all too late and you have now suffered data loss. Simple Biz provides true automated business continuity solutions conducts regular tests and checks to ensure your back ups are set up properly, updated accordingly, and executed when needed. 

5. Strong Network Infrastructure That Supports High Performance & Speed
Whether it’s having enough storage, adequate hardware, optimal CPU speed, or anything else, having the proper network infrastructure to support your various high performance machines. Speed is the key when working with large files and high resolution rendering. Simple Biz has specified and implemented many high performance networks and can help ensure your network infrastructure meets your needs which will also allow your firm to grow over time. 

6. Use of Multiple Different Operating Systems
Some Architect firms prefer to user Apple devices over Windows. At Simple Biz we are device agnostic, we have many years of experience working with Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems so we can assist you no matter which device you use..


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How Simple Biz Can Help

Since no two architecture firms are the same, your IT infrastructure should directly reflect your unique needs. Our IT experts dive deep into what exactly success means for your architecture firm. This could be anything from faster running software, remote working solutions, better communication, or reduced costs. Whatever IT Success looks like to you, we lay out the path to get there using our proven 

At Simple Biz, your business performing at its best is our top priority. We’re only one phone call away should you ever need 24/7 IT support.

We can make sure your operation runs smoothly while you focus on the things that matter the most to you in your architecture firm.

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