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Streamline your law firm’s day-to-day business processes using Simple Biz’s tailored IT management services. 

Like you, we value getting the most out of your time and resources. We know how stressful it can be for lawyers, solicitors, and other legal professionals to keep on top of their many responsibilities. We provide tailored IT services for personal injury, family, wills & estate, commercial lawyers, and other law firms in the industry.

No matter how complex or unique your IT needs may be, Simple Biz has the specialist knowledge and expertise to get you results you’ll love.

Legal software we work with:


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  • On-site and/or Remote IT Support (we're literally a phone call away)

  • Same Day onsite for critical issues if you call before 10 am

  • 24/7 Monitoring (no more unexpected downtime, we know about problems before they happen)

  • Updates and servicing of all computers (ensuring your business is running at peak capacity)

  • Platform agnostic (we work with Macs and PCs, as well as tablets and smartphones)

  • Anti-Virus & Anti-malware protection (virus, malware, ransomware and cyber security protection)

  • Secure portal for all documentation & password management (no more trying to “find that person that knows all the details")

Technology and Law Firms

Technology is providing new and more advanced ways to manage more time consuming and complex legal duties through legal practice software. From compiling details and information on matters, sending and receiving confidential emails, setting appointments, keeping track of billings, adhering to proper accounting practices, as well as many other work processes, great technology is always at the heart of a successful and thriving law firm.

At Simple Biz, you’ll experience an IT partner that is committed to maximising your efficiencies through technology and adding assurance that your law firm’s confidential data is safely protected at all times.  

"I don't even know what happened, I just know that it started working pretty much overnight. ... If I had to turn back the clock I would say that: just get a good, secure platform to begin with so then you don't have to deal with curveballs."  - Andrew - Ray White Southbank

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How To Avoid IT Challenges In The Law Industry

Setting up your law firm for growth and success comes with identifying its challenges and assigning effective IT solutions to resolve them. With our many years of experience working alongside a range of law firms, we’ve been able to match robust IT technologies to the most common and pressing challenges faced within the law industry today. These include:

1. Data Security 
Confidentiality is one of the top priorities of all law firms. Just one incident of a data security breach can compromise the most confidential pieces of information found within your entire client database. At Simple Biz, we do everything to ensure this doesn’t happen and your practice is firmly protected if ever the unexpected strikes. We ensure your law firm’s data is kept in line with the highest standard of data security and cyber security best practice at all times no matter what type and how much data your law firm has stored. 

2. Intrusion Protection & Prevention 
Law firms are prime targets for cyber attacks and malicious intrusions. At Simple Biz, we set up powerful and robust protection measures to shield your law firm’s data from unwanted intruders. But more importantly, we educate and inform you of how you can prevent these threats in the first place.

3. Lost Billings
Lost billings can mean your law firm is losing valuable resources from inaccurately logged work hours. Practice management software can help reduce this issue, however you need the right IT support partner to make sure you have the correct IT equipment in place and the right IT support that understands these applications. Simple Biz has been supporting law firms for years and are more than qualified to support your legal systems.

4. Missed Deadlines
Nothing is more stressful than having a looming deadline that you’ll know will be impossible to meet. Adding to this stress is an unreliable IT system. This is where tailored IT Solutions from Simple Biz can help, by ensuring your IT is reliable you can make sure your systems are running when you need them most. 

5. Downtime
Downtime not only costs your law firm valuable amounts of time and money, but over time it leads to a high level of frustration and job dissatisfaction amongst your employees - inhibiting your law firm’s ability to attract and retain talented legal professionals. At Simple Biz, we’re experienced at minimising downtime - and in the odd chance it does happen, we’ll have you up and running on a trusted back up in no time.

6. Compliance 
Keeping compliant and up to date with the enormous body of legislation in the legal industry is a taxing yet fundamental process to the success of all law firms. Having the proper IT technologies in place can streamline such compliance measures and ensure your data is safe, encrypted and secure.

7. Disaster Prevention
Whatever IT disaster your law firm may come across, you’ll know you’re in safe hands with the team at Simple Biz. Our IT specialists hold a wealth of knowledge in disaster prevention, knowing exactly how to prevent them from happening in the first place, and responding promptly when encountered - including sudden severe damage, power outages, cyber attacks and more.


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How Simple Biz Can Help

At Simple Biz, you’ll work with IT professionals who speak your language, understanding the needs of lawyers and legal professionals in the industry. One of the biggest reasons why more of our clients continue to work with us is because we tailor our services to your business no matter how unique, different, or complex they may be. The needs of your law firm differ from the next, so your IT infrastructure should be tailored to reflect that.

We’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who’ll be familiar with your law firm’s workflow, ensuring fast and efficient communication. We’ll work with you so closely that you’ll know us by name and face right away. 

At Simple Biz, we’re all about fostering long partnerships. Never feel uncertain or concerned about your IT issues in your law firm again by working with none other than the leading IT experts at Simple Biz. 

Simple Biz are experienced in the following Legal software:

  • Leap
  • Filepro
  • Law Master
  • LexisNexis
  • Globalx - Open Practice
  • Practice Evolve

From server deployment, IT security, business continuity and disaster recovery to fully managed IT services, Simple Biz are the reliable and experienced IT service providers you can trust. 

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