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How to Find the Right Managed IT Provider For My Business

Technology is essential for companies to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. However, a challenge that many small to medium business enterprises face is managing their Information Technology (IT) needs. This typically involves setting up a network of computers, connecting them to the internet, and monitoring the system to keep downtime to a minimum.

One option is to hire an in-house IT team, but this has significant initial costs and may not be practical for companies on a limited budget. A more cost-effective alternative is to hire a managed IT service provider that can customise a solution for your business IT needs. A managed service provider is a company that manages the IT needs of a business. They don’t get sick or take holidays. They offer a broad range of skills, so there is no skill cap. So how do you choose the right provider?

Here we’ll look at how you can find the right managed service provider for your business.

Find an IT Provider That Offers Flexible Solutions

Every IT environment has different requirements. The IT solution that your business needs to thrive are likely to be vastly different than what another business needs. Any respective managed IT provider will be eager to work closely with your organisation to deliver a customised solution. 

For example, you may already have a network administrator who is responsible for installing and upgrading any hardware, but may still need someone who can boost your network security. Choose a managed IT provider that can deliver flexible solutions that meet your business IT needs. That way you can quickly fill any potentially compromising gaps in your network.

Find an IT Provider That Values Open Communication

A transparent relationship with your managed IT provider is absolutely critical, especially when so much of your business depends on each system working smoothly. Should any problems arise with the network or a potential security breach occurs, you need to know that your provider can deliver prompt onsite or remote support, and be a partner that will help you keep your business objectives on track.

Choose a provider that assigns an account manager to oversee your IT needs. These are the individuals who will check in with you on a regular basis to ensure that everything is operating smoothly or if you have any questions. They’re also there to help plan and implement the right IT solutions to enable unrestricted growth for your business.

Find an IT Provider With the Necessary Experience

Hiring an in-house IT team would mean having to post job listings online, sort through the resumes you receive, and check the qualifications of each individual. One of the key benefits of outsourcing your IT needs to a managed service provider is not having to go through that process. You’re able to leverage their technical expertise to build out your network and get onsite support when needed. Unlike an individual, a managed service provider has teams of individuals that span decades of experience in all areas of IT across multiple industries.

Find a managed IT provider with the experience to deliver the solutions your business needs. This can be as simple as looking at case studies or scheduling a consultation with the company for an onsite interview. The latter also gives you the opportunity to ask questions like how managed IT services can help your business grow.

Find an IT Provider That is Platform Agnostic

PCs running Microsoft Windows are undoubtedly the dominant choice for businesses, but many are now outfitting their offices with Macs for creative work. Platform agnostic simply means that the managed IT provider that you choose can provide technical support on whatever computers you have. Find an IT service provider that has experience with the hardware your office is outfitted with.

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May 24, 2020

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